Florida International University Chaplin School Of Hospitality & Tourism Management

To become the leading global resource for creating and cultivating innovative management talent and solutions for the hospitality and tourism industry, with competitive expertise in hospitality real estate development, finance, and food and beverage science.

To prepare students to design, develop and manage the customer experience of the future.

The Chaplin School offers undergraduate, graduate and PHD programs with the flexibility of on-site, online or hybrid options. The undergraduate program of study offers students the ability to concentrate in an area of interest by selecting one of six majors within the hospitality and tourism industries, including Beverage Management, Culinary Management, Event Management, Hotel/Lodging Management, Restaurant/Food Service Management and Travel and Tourism Management.
These majors, strategically developed with the goal of preparing students to excel and lead in one of the largest and most diverse industries in the world, include a comprehensive set of core requirements and practical experiences that provide a solid foundation in leadership, business management, finance, marketing, logistics, accounting, operations, and more.

Food and Beverage Science Laboratories
Funded with proceeds from the Food Network & Cooking Channel South Beach Wine & Food Festival, the Wine Spectator Restaurant Management Laboratory, the Badia Spices Food Production Laboratory and the Brew Science Laboratory are considered jewels in instructional technology. They surpass real-world settings and strengthen the School’s growing research in food, wine, beer and spirits, and its focus on building students’ advanced management skills. Complementing the Southern Wine & Spirits Beverage Management Center, these five-star facilities make the perfect venues for students to incubate ideas and entrepreneurial ventures, test new concepts, conduct management exercises and prepare themselves for executive careers in the hospitality industry.

Science faculty are leading students’ research on a quest to solve the challenges affecting the industry globally. With a grant funded by the USDA, the School is currently working on identifying and eliminating an intrusive organism (known to be carcinogenic) sometimes found in wines produced using old-world techniques in some of the warming regions of the planet.

The Chaplin School’s approach to technology and innovation shows in the use of advanced technologies in the classrooms. It employs cutting-edge audio/visual tools to maximize student engagement and global collaboration with peers and industry leaders.
Watch how the Chaplin School raises the bar with cutting edge instructional technology.

Food and Beverage Science
The Chaplin School is realizing its goal of becoming a global epicenter for food and beverage science. It aims to become a data repository and clearinghouse for food, wine and spirits research in an advanced facility with customized laboratories, sensory spaces, production and processing facilities, a biological conservatory and greenhouses.

  • FIU is #1 in the nation awarding bachelor’s and master’s degrees to Hispanic students
  • FIU is the 4th largest public university by enrollment in U.S.
  • FIU achieved the highest Carnegie Classification for research activity
  • 1,723 undergraduate students
  • 312 graduate students
  • 62 countries are represented in the student body at the Chaplin School
  • 32% undergraduate students are international
  • 231 are first-generation in college

Post jobs and internship opportunities, create a custom internship program, conduct interviews, host a career day just for your company or attend university career fairs.

Facilitate student workshops, participate in our recruitment roundtable & networking program, allow professors to plan a classroom trip to your property, participate in A Day in the Life of–a shadowing program to help students understand the critical functions of a specific role within your organization.

Sponsor an event for students/alumni/industry: student workshops, orientation/welcome back, graduation, portfolio competition, homecoming, networking events, portfolio software, mentorship program, Hospitality Student Leadership Council; contribute to our Student Enrichment Fund—allows for students to gain access to industry events, internships out of their home area, opportunities to study abroad.

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For additional information, please contact Simone Champagnie, Executive Director of Development at 305.919.4810 or snchampa@fiu.edu